‘Dance with me’ by Louise Doughty – an excellent read

In ‘Dance With Me’, Louise Doughty embarks on new territory, i.e. mental health and sexual exploitation. To lighten the subject-matter, many parts of the book are written in a light, witty manner. The characters are well-drawn, especially Bet and Iris. We are straight away engaged with the story from the first paragraph, which describes how silly thing is love and anyone can commence that deed, including Hitler, Stalin and Genghis Khan. That might not be a historically accurate detail, but the opening is so engagingly written that we can’t stop ourselves but continue. 

Even as previously highlighted, the style is humorous; there is much menace in the story. A hippy and enjoying her life, Bet, meets Peter for a passionate affair, but three weeks later is dead. Bet soon learns that she is his sole beneficiary. This creates conflicts with her business partners, but what is more, it questions how he made such fortunate and if it is legal. Bet needs to re-examine her dead lover’s past. What she finds is not pleasing.

These events link Pat with another character in the story, Iris. The latter is on the brink of losing it. Is Peter one of these alluring men, or there is more to his life that we do not know?

The ending is devastating for both Pat but especially Iris, whose story resurfaces, but Pat does everything to hide it. Iris’ story is also a final piece of the jigsaw to Peter’s legacy. Nevertheless, Pat still stays this happy person, full of life. The ending is simply lyrical.

If you love ‘Apple Tree Yard,’ you will love this book as well. Although the book does not have such a natural, unexpected twist as in ‘Apple Tree Yard’, it possesses the same observational quality as all other Louise Doughty’s book. I am a big Louise Doughty’s fan and can’t wait for her next book. Enjoy.

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